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Sunhyun Yoo


Upcoming Shows 2019


10/6     8:00pm   Scholes st.       NYC   Sunhyun Yoo "Meanings"

10/26   7:00pm  The Copacabana NYC  NYU alumni jazz orchestra

10/27   7:00pm   Tomi Jazz         NYC  Sunhyun Yoo Quaret


11/9     6:30pm   Muchmores      NYC   Gabe Fraivillig group

PAST Shows

4/2      9:00pm    Nublu Classic   NYC   Mongaif

4/5     11:00pm   Red Room        NYC   Torge Goderstad Group

4/7     11:30am   Blue Note        NYC   Mike Rodriguez Ensemble

4/7      1:30pm    Blue Note        NYC   Mike Rodriguez Ensemble

4/18    9:00pm    The Well         NYC   Hector Bravo group


5/20    11:00pm   Tomi Jazz        NYC   Sunhyun Yoo duo w/Guy Moskovich

5/21    10:00am    TBD              NYC   NYU jazz orchestra

5/25    10:00pm   Muchmores     NYC   Mongaif

            11:00pm   Muchmores     NYC   Gabe Fraivillig group

6/15    10:00pm   WMC           NYC    Torge Goderstad group

                    (Williamsburg Music Center)

6/16     7:00pm    Tomi Jazz       NYC    Sunhyun Yoo Quartet

7/21     7:00pm    Tomi Jazz       NYC    Sunhyun Yoo Quartet

7/25   11:00pm   Mercury Lounge NYC  Mongaif

8/9       9:30pm     Red Room       NYC   David Zhang group

8/28     8:00pm     Tomi Jazz        NYC   Sunhyun Yoo


8/30     7:00pm    Rockwood Music Hall   Sunhyun Yoo "Meanings"

9/15     7:00pm   Tomi Jazz         NYC     Sunhyun Yoo Quartet



Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Sunhyun Yoo loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Ever since a young age, Sunhyun Yoo has found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with fans and people all over the world. Take a look around the site to get to know Sunhyun Yoo and all that they have to offer.


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Saxophonist, Composer, Educator